Model 3590B CF34-8E Engine Stand

DAE Engine Transport Stands feature elastomer shock isolation mount designs that keep natural frequencies between 7 and 10 Hz while reducing shock and vibration loads during shipment. Most transport stands are bootstrap compliant, feature heavy duty locking casters and tow bars, and have been proof-loaded to OEM specifications. Our standard paint is skydrol resistant DAE blue, but customer specified colors are also available.

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Product Description

Model 3590B consists of separate base and cradle assemblies and provides convenient features to securely transport CF34-8E engines. This engine stand includes four locking, stowable swivel casters with turning tool, dual tow bar assemblies, stainless steel mount assemblies, four shock mount isolators, transportation tie-downs, and is proof-loaded per applicable ground handling documents.  Model 3590B includes a bootstrap compliant cradle and bootstrap adapters.

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Additional Information

Weight 2200 lbs
Dimensions 124 x 69 x 27 in

Custom paint color

CF34-8E  CF34-8E

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