JT9 PW4000
JT9 PW4000

Model 3143B JT9/PW4000 Engine Stand

DAE Engine Transport Stands feature elastomer shock isolation mount designs that keep natural frequencies between 7 and 10 Hz while reducing shock and vibration loads during shipment. This stand is bootstrap compliant, features heavy duty locking casters with turning tools, and is furnished with tow bars. This stand has been proof-loaded to OEM specifications. Our standard paint is skydrol resistant DAE blue, but customer specified colors are also available.

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Product Description

Model 3143B consists of separate base and cradle assemblies and provides convenient features to securely transport all JT9 series engines and the following PW4000 series engines: PW4052, PW4056, PW4060, PW4062, PW4062A, PW4152, PW4152A, PW4156, PW4156A, PW4158, PW4460, PW4462 (94″ fan engines).  This engine stand includes four locking, stowable swivel casters with turning tool, dual tow bar assemblies, stainless steel mount assemblies, twelve shock mount isolators, transportation tie-downs, and is proof-loaded per applicable ground handling documents.  Model 3143B includes a bootstrap compliant cradle and bootstrap adapters.

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Additional Information

Weight 3520 lbs
Dimensions 184.5 x 97.25 x 98.95 in

Spring loaded casters, custom paint color, towbar upgrade

PW4000  PW4000

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