Aircraft Engine Stand(s) Docking System(s) Access Stand(s)
B717 4048, 4049
B727 3145A
B737 3145A, 3223C, 3225C, 3227A, 3557A, 3605A, 3579A Several models available 3028, 3063B
B747 3143B, 3111A, 3195C, 4003A, 3539A, 4023A, 4035A, 4021A, 4002 3618B, 3261
B757 3144D, 3175A, 4006A 3028, 3400, 3261
B767 3143B, 3270A, 3195C, 4003A, 4023A, 4035A, 4021A, 4002 3666, 3261
B777 Several models available 3312, 3314, 3472, 3473, 3558, 3261
B787 3261
ATR72 3595B 3174
A300 3143B, 3111A, 3195C, 4023A, 4035A, 4021A,
A310 3270A, 3195C, 4023A, 4021A
A319 A320 A321 3145A, 3223C, 3225C, 3227A, 3101A, 3557A, 3605A, 3579A, 3515A, Several models available 3033, 3552
A330 4019A, 4005A
MD-11 3143B, 4023A, 4035A,
MD-90 3101A, 3515A
DC-10 / KC-10 3111A Several models available
CRJ 3283B, 3288B 3075, 3076, 3081, 3130, 3131,
Challenger 3283B
E170/E175 3590B
E190/195 3590B
ARJ121 3523A
KC-390 3101A, 3515A
C-40 3035

DAE equipment is in service at airports, maintenance facilities, military installations, and aviation manufacturing locations throughout the world.